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When renting a vehicle, the lessee is required to make a security deposit that ranges from two hundred to eight hundred Euros (EUR), depending on the category of the vehicle.At the conclusion of the lease agreement, the client will be entitled to a refund of the guarantee provided that the vehicle is returned in the exact same condition in which it was delivered to the customer. The tenant has the option of keeping all or part of the guarantee depending on the severity of the following scenarios: if the vehicle sustains damage as a direct result of the tenant’s fault or negligence (for example, if the tenant causes damage to the vehicle by improperly parking the vehicle, which results in the tenant discovering the vehicle damaged in the parking lot), the tenant can choose to keep all or part of the guarantee. In these cases, at least 150 euros are charged, the Casco franchise fee; in case the car returns with damage and the renter does not present any supporting document (report prepared by the police, repair authorization, amicable accident report, copies of the documents of the other drivers involved in the accident); in case, after a technical failure of any nature or an accident, the renter abandons and does not ensure the supervision of the car in the case of malicious exploitation of the rented vehicle that results in damage to the interior of the vehicle (staining or burning of the upholstery, soiling of the dome, loss of the car key or inventory items, damage to the rims and tires – elements not covered by Casco in case of malfunctions caused by improper operation of the car: broken oil pan, damage to the engine shield, destruction of the clutch due to excessive skidding in case the customer ignores the ignition of some on-board warning lights and continues to use the car, causing technical malfunctions .Masini de Inchiriat Cluj ieftin causing technical malfunctions.Location de voiture à Inchirieri auto Cluj dès maintenant en ligne.

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