Wed. Feb 14th, 2024

At Our team is comprised of experienced pilots and crew members committed to the safety and enjoyment of all passengers. We take great pride in paying meticulous attention to details in providing personalized experiences for every one of our passengers.Hot air ballooning should be experienced at least once in life. No matter if it is for special occasion celebrations or simply exploring more deeply the world – we promise an incredible and memorable journey with us.Thank you for choosing our company as part of your hot air ballooning experience! We look forward to soaring with you very soon.At our hot air balloon adventures and enjoyable rides in hotairballoondubai our goal is to ensure guests experience unforgettable rides over its magical shores. At Dubai Hot Air Ballooning Adventures we take great pleasure in making this memorable and pleasurable. As an established provider offering hot air balloon flights within UAE we take into consideration both customer and employee happiness, providing top quality services through expert personnel who ensure consistent high-level delivery of top quality service provision at every turn.Balloon flying time is around 1 Hour, slightly less or more depends on different flying criteria. Generally, the balloon landing depends on the direction of the wind. Our ground crew continuously follow the balloon and once we land they will bring us back to the breakfast area.

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